Monday, April 21, 2014

Maple Mtn line up 4/25 solo's 4/26 team

Below is a list of performance times for Saturday… below is the performance time, please arrive 1 hour earlier.  All of our performances are in the gym.  We will NOT be having an extra practice this week just regular classes throughout the week.  This Friday classes will be as follows: Tumbling as usual at 2:30.  Lip Gloss and Super Hero’s will be at 2:30 as well.  3:30 to 4:15 will be Crabs and Fish.  Saturday Tumbling will be from 10 to 11am only for all abilities.. 
Bamboo               9:00am                                                 Jack and Jill                         4:35pm
Carousel              9:25                                                        Bobble Head                      5:00
Knights                 9:55                                                        Say Something                  5:00
King is Dead        10:25                                                     Gambler                              5:10
Royals                  11:00                                                     Party Girls                           5:30
Ritz                       11:10                                                     Conga                                 5:40
Flowers in Hair     11:40                                                     2 Birds                                6:00
Mr President        12:25pm                                               Lip Gloss                             6:10
Under the Sea     1:10                                                        She’s No Good                  6:15
I question mark    2:45                                                        Rain                                   6:30
Dynamite             3:25                                                        Super Hero’s                      7:00
Heart Burn           3:45                                                        Something’s Got a hold     7:00
Mickey                 4:15

They all did such a great job in St. George and I appreciate everyone’s support.  Keep cheering loud for all of our girls it really makes a difference!!  Please double check that you have everything; get new tights if you have holes etc.  Please try to get any new items (foot undies, tights, make up etc) at the beginning of this week. I am so proud of our team this year you all have done such a good job and I love seeing your hard work pay off!   Please remember attendance is mandatory to all practices, we are starting to have to space girls out for too many absences and it is so hard for everyone! 

Solo times for Friday are:
Rachel  4:15
Riese/Ainsley 4:45
Sopie 5:45
Savannah 6:00
Kassidi 6:00
Riese 6:05
Olivia 7:00
Alli 7:10
Charity 7:40
Kylie E. 7:45
Addilyn 7:45
Aubree 8:00
Olivia 8:10
Gracie 8:20
Riley 8:25
Kaitlyn and Kylee 8:40
Shawna 8:50
Kylee G 9:00
Winter 9:00
Abby O 9:00 (yours may change they have you in the wrong age division)
Abby W. 9:10
Madison 9:15
Hailey 9:25

Friday, April 4, 2014

St George Line up

For the St George Competition the admission fee is $8 you can pre-buy your tickets at so you don't have to wait in line...Below is the line up remember these are just performance times you need to be there ready to go one hour prior to the times listed below...

Solo's Friday
2:45 Alli Dansie
3:00 Adalyn Catalano
3:00 Gracie Wood
3:00 Riese Williams
3:30 Aubree Jacobsen
4:00 Hailee Gerber
4:30 Ainsley and Riese
4:30 Shawna Mazza
4:30 Kylee Galvan
4:45 Kassidi Ashauer
5:00 Charity Dautel
5:30 Savannah Dautel
6:30 Sophie Budd
6:30 Olivia (jazz)
6:30 Megan Vaughn (jazz)
6:45 Abby Wilkey
7:00 Lexi Barnes
7:30 Megan Vaughn (lyrical)
8:00 Olivia (lyrical)
8:15 Rachel Spiers
8:15 Winter White
8:15 Abby Oborn
9:00 Madison Wood
9:30 Kylie Erickson
9:45 Kaitlyn and Kylee

Team competition Saturday
8:45 am Something's Got a Hold of Me
9:00 Dynamite
9:45 Heart burn
9:45 Bobblehead
11:00 Party Girls
12:00 LIp Gloss
12:00 Gambler
1:00 Say Something
1:30 I question mark
1:40 Super Hero's
2:15 Ritz
2:15 Jack and Jill
2:30 Rain
3:45 Under the Sea
4:30 King is Dead
5:00 Mr President
5:15 You're the one I want
5:20 Royals
6:35 Bamboo
7:00 Knights
7:30 carousel
7:45 pm 2 Birds
8:00 pm Flowers in Your Hair

This competition does not allow glitter so you need to apply all make up before you come!! If you need to reapply it needs to be without the glitter or go outside to add glitter please... we will be charged if there is glitter in our dressing room.  Also no food is allowed in the dressing room please make sure you do not open any snacks (even those given to you in the dressing areas take them out where food is allowed they will be checking the rooms throughout the day and will throw away any food they see...

Please drive safely and make sure at the extra practice on Tuesday the 8th I get a contact (cell # for everyone
Thank you for cheering so much last weekend it made a huge difference!!
Remember No team classes Thurs and Friday next week... WE do have non team classes on Thursday and tumbling on Saturday though.. tumbling Saturday will just be 10 to 11 for all abilities.  

Monday, March 31, 2014

April Newsletter

April Newsletter
Just a few notes for April…
-         Pictures are April 3rd thru April 9th.  (Wed 7:30 jazz tumbling will be scheduled some time in may)
-         Easter Break will be Thurs April 17th thru Sat April 19th. Classes will not be held these days.
-         Parent Observation days will be April 22nd thru April 24th. (non-team classes).
-         Our Recital will be May 29th at the Sandy Amphitheater.
If you have any questions or concerns please email Tiffany at Thank you for allowing us to teach your wonderful children!!

Pictures and an extra practice....

Competition Team Notes!
Pictures are this next week please come ready to go on time so we can keep our schedule please have your poses picked and ready….Friday April 4th will be
3pm to 4  Bobble Head and Lip Gloss
4 to 5 crabs
5 to 7  Rain, Party Girls, and Super Hero’s
7:00 Fish
8:00 Something’s Got a Hold of Me, Ritz, 2 Birds and You’re the one I want.
Sat April 5th  8:00am Say Something and Dynamite
9 Jack and Jill and I Question Mark
10 Chefs
12 Heart Burn and Gambler
1:00 Bamboo & the Pointe Class
2:30 Carousel
4:00 Mermaids
5:30 Royals and Flowers in Your Hair
7:30 Mr President and King is Dead and Knights
Mon April 7th
3:00- 4:00 Solo’s
4:00 Mickey (Tues 5:30 Mini team)
5:00 Ursula’s
6:00 Conga (Wed 6:30 mini team w/ Tiffany)
7:00 Turtles/Frongs and Flamingo’s
7:30 She’s no Good (Wed 6:30 mini team w/Tanya)
***Next Tues April 8th we will have an extra practice for all those competing in St. George we need everyone there!!  It will be at Providence Hall JR HIGH( not the elementary). 
6 to 7pm will be Bobble Head, Lip Gloss, Rain, Party Girls, Super Hero’s, Something’s Got a Hold of Me, Ritz, 2 Birds, and You’re the one that I want
7 to 8 pm will be the production # (Under the Sea including Ursula’s and Frogs etc)
8 to 9pm will be Say Something, Dynamite, Jack and Jill, I question Mark, Heart Burn, Gambler, Baboo, Carousel, Royals, Flowers in Your Hair, Mr President, King is Dead and Knights.  We will do Carousel and Bamboo first so the younger ones can go home.  This is a Mandatory practice and I need you to make every arrangement possible to be there.  The St. George comp is all on the gym floor and we need to work on spacing each routine.  Thank you so much!  I was beyond proud of everyone on Saturday our kids did an amazing job and our crowd was cheering so much better it was so much fun!!  I love all of you!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Competition Team make up instructions (hair tip at bottom)

Step 1. apply the gold eyeshadow over the entire eyelid.

Step 2. apply the gold glitter lightly dabbing across the eyelid mostly along the bone not so heavy on the lid closer to the eyelashes..  

Step 3.  Take your eyeliner and line the inside part of the bottom part of your eye all the way across.
Step 4. attach your false eyelashes the longer side should be towards the outside of your eye.  Use good eyelash glue (glue did not come in your kit)
Step 5. apply eyeliner to the top lid, pull your eye from the side to make it easier to put on
Line the entire eye
making a slight "wing"
and voila... doesn't she look beautiful... Thank you Kylie for letting us use your CUTE face If needed you can use a wipie to wipe of any excess glitter.WE were able to do this eyemake in just a few minutes so it really is not hard I tried to keep it fairly simple since the hair do is not so simply.  

This picture was in case we did not get our eyeliner or glitter.... we have received the eyeliner but are still waiting on the glitter... Just do it without the glitter if it does not come or if you have your own gold glitter use that... sorry for the inconvenience.

Lips are the same as last year.... Use RED lipstick or a RED lip stain works great too first then apply the red glitter to your lips.  The red lipstick is not included in your kit but the red glitter is.  A tip is to use the gel you can get at Sally's for a dollar to apply the glitter to your lips, it may adhere right to your lipstick as well.
Base and blush are optional I do not require it.  

A lot of you have been asking about the hair or have been sending your kids to dance with the hair done to practice (thank you)... I do notice a lot of them are having a hard time keeping the buns in tight.  PLease make sure you use a lot of hair spray and or gel.... and a lot of bobby pins, if you are still having a hard time use a hair net.  You can get a 2 pack of hair nets made for buns at Sally's for $1.29 they come in different colors to match your hair, they can be used all year too.  I would highly suggest getting these if you feel you can not keep the buns looking clean.  

Thank you!! 

Team Hair style instructions..

Step 1. part hair on the left side back to middle of head and then part down to right ear.
Step 2. Separate that section off and pull up the rest in the back to keep out of braid.
Step 3. French braid the front of the hair INCLUDING the bangs, do an under braid so the braid pops out.  Cross under when braiding. (same braid as last year)
Braid all the way down the right side, secure with an elastic.
Take out the hair in the back and split into 3 even sections.
Put hair into 3 low pony tails put the braid into the farthest right pony tail.  Make sure pony tails are pretty low to the base of your head.
You will now make 3 flower buns.  Make sure you start with the middle pony tail so if you need to move the others closer to the center you can.  To do a flower bun split the hair in the pony tail into four sections roll the first section towards the top of the pony tail, I like to use a mascara bottle to keep it tight, make sure to use ALOT of bobby pins.  After the top section do the 2 sides and then the bottom.

Each bun should look like this.

And Voila... make sure the 3 buns are practically touching each other... or better yet touching each other.  Make sure you hair spray this a lot.  I see girls practicing this hair do and it looks great, but I have notice they have a lot of fly away pieces after they have danced for awhile.. Use gel hair spray, glue (j/k) or little hair nets to hold the buns in tightly.  
 Thank you... Make up tutorial is coming soon...

Saturday, March 8, 2014

3/15 comp schedule

Soloist:  3/14                           
Auxiliary Gym                        Main Gym
Kassidi 4:00                           Kylee G 4:10
Alli  445                                  Rachel 4:30
Olivia 7:00 Jazz                     Riley 4:55
Aubree 7:20                           Liv 7:55
Sophie 8:00                            Kylie E  8:50
Addy 8:10                               Winter 9:10
Megan 8:35 Jazz                    Lexi 9:10
Megan 9:20 Lyrical                 Hailee 9:30

Team Com 3/15 Call time is always one hour prior to performance time... listed below is performance time.

Lip Gloss 8:05
Bamboo 8:15
Somethings Got a Hold of Me 8:25
Ritz 8:40
Heartburn 8:50
Bobblehead 9:00
Carousel 9:00
I Question Mark 9:15
2 Birds 9:25
Super Hero's 9:50
Dynamite 10:00
Party Girls 10:20
Say Something 10:35
You're The One that I want 10:45
Gambler 10:55
Royals 11:25
Jack and Jill 11:35
Flowers in Your Hair 12:40
Rain 12:35 (in the axillary gym all other performances in the main gym)
Under the Sea 1:50
Awards for all the above dances 2:30
King is Dead 5:05
Mr President 5:40
Knights 7:30
Awards 8:10

Good luck everyone!!