Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Hairstyle Tutorial - 2017

Hairstyle Tutorial - 2017

Competition Team make up instructions

Step 1. apply the gold eyeshadow over the entire eyelid.

Step 2. apply the gold glitter lightly dabbing across the eyelid mostly along the bone not so heavy on the lid closer to the eyelashes..  

Step 3.  Take your eyeliner and line the inside part of the bottom part of your eye all the way across.
Step 4. attach your false eyelashes the longer side should be towards the outside of your eye.  Use good eyelash glue (glue did not come in your kit).  We no longer use the kind with diamonds.
Step 5. apply eyeliner to the top lid, pull your eye from the side to make it easier to put on
Line the entire eye
making a slight "wing"
and voila... doesn't she look beautiful... Thank you Kylie for letting us use your CUTE face If needed you can use a wipie to wipe of any excess glitter.WE were able to do this eyemake in just a few minutes so it really is not hard I tried to keep it fairly simple since the hair do is not so simply.  

This picture was in case we did not get our eyeliner or glitter.... we have received the eyeliner but are still waiting on the glitter... Just do it without the glitter if it does not come or if you have your own gold glitter use that... sorry for the inconvenience.

Lips are the same as last year.... Use RED lipstick or a RED lip stain works great too first then apply the red glitter to your lips.  The red lipstick is not included in your kit but the red glitter is.  A tip is to use the gel you can get at Sally's for a dollar to apply the glitter to your lips, it may adhere right to your lipstick as well.
Base and blush are optional I do not require it.  

Thank you!! 

Monday, September 11, 2017

September 2017 Newsletter

Welcome to dance!  
I hope you all had a great summer.  We are so excited to get this year started.  Just a few important notes to go over, first of all we email all newsletters and any information needing to go home.  This will be the only hard copy newsletter you receive.  If you do not get this in an email from Stacey Jacobsen please email her at jacobsen.stacey@yahoo.com and let her know right away so you do not miss any information.  With that being said I have to apologize for any slow responses from me in emails especially over the last month.  We have added a new studio in the basement which wasn’t even a thought until the middle of July and we didn’t have a go ahead until August so I have been so busy getting this done as well as adding a new Marley dance floor upstairs so please forgive the chaos of the past month, also with adding the new studio it has caused for a few class time changes thank you for your patience with that, it is going to help us lower our class sizes etc and will be great if you just bear with us as we get the kinks worked out.  Just a reminder of a few rules
Tuition is due at the first lesson of the month. 

Please wear the appropriate dance attire to each class.  Do not wear jeans, or pajamas ever.  Ballet classes should wear leotard and tights, Jazz, lyrical, contemporary, musical theater and production should wear spanks or leggings and a tight fitting tank top or t-shirt (or leotards are always lovely). Hip hop you may want to make sure you have sweats or leggings to put over your spanks to slide on the floor.  Preschool students wear leotards and tights and skirts are optional.  Tumbling students the little short unitards are best, we have Tiffany dance co ones you can buy for $15 this is what they wear when they perform as well.  For shoes all competition students will wear pirouettes.  You need the capezio brand for performances.  I sell them for $25.  All non-competition students need to wear foot undeez.  You will need nude when you perform.  I also sell those they are $15.  Preschool students will need white ballet shoes when they perform and black tap shoes.  Any color or brand is fine for class just keep in mind the colors needed for performances.  I can order you tap or ballet shoes but I do not keep them on hand.  I will be placing an order next week if you would like me to get your shoes please sign up on the shoe order posted on the door at the studio.  Hair should always be pulled up in a ponytail or bun

Only students are allowed in the studio, we will have a parent’s observation in November where you can come and watch the class.  You are welcome to watch from the windows as well, but having parents and extra siblings etc is always a distraction. 

Absolutely NO food or drink (except water) is allowed in the basement studio or side B.  Please actually do not bring anything but water, if you are at dance for multiple hours and have to have a snack please only eat them in the break room or the wood side of the studio, I do not want food or Shoes on the Marley floor.

Please make sure you pick up your students on time.  Please talk to them (as will I) about not climbing on the sign outside. 

As you drop off your kids this first week, it will be a little chaotic as we are dealing with new students, shoes which room you are in etc.  We will get it all figured out so everyone knows where they should be etc this first week. 

If you are in a strictly tumbling class please send a water bottle to class with your child. 

I am finalizing the Christmas recital date and will let you know what it is asap.

If you have any questions or concerns please email Tiffany at tiffanydanceco06@gmail.com Thank you so much for allowing us the opportunity to teach your children.  I look forward to getting to know each of them!

Competition students:  There will be a parents meeting next week to go over competition dates, TDC apparel and uniforms, make up kits and hair and what is expected of you etc there will be 3 different times for this meeting and two separate times for mini team.  Come to whichever time works best for you.  The times are as follows: Monday the 11th at 8pm, Thursday the 14th at 9pm or Friday the 15th at 3:30pm.  For mini team the meeting times will be Wednesday the 13th at 2pm or Thursday the 14th at 6pm.  Sorry for the schedule changes, I think I have tried to accommodate too many different requests and schedules and I can’t do that, this is why my classes are optional so you can do what does fit into your schedule.  We may still have to make a change or two if I see a class is too big or too small, please be patient with me and know that I am just trying to do what is best for each student and that we have to make changes if we let the classes be optional.  Also if I feel a student would be better off on a different team, I do make adjustments through September. Thank you!  I am so excited for this upcoming year.  

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

March 17 Newsletter

Tiffany Dance Co March 2017 Newsletter
Just a few reminders this month… We will not be doing pictures this month they will be April 26th thru May 3rd during your class time.  Costume fees are due this month I am so sorry I did not get the prices out sooner… They are as follows:
Tues 10am, Tues 2pm (both classes) Tues 4:30, Tues 5:30 both classes, Tues 6:30 preschool, Wed 10am both classes, Wed 11am both classes, Wed 4:30, Thurs 10am Friday 4:30 your fee will be $40
Tues 6:30 2nd thru 4th grade jazz/tumbling, Wed 5:30 both classes Friday 5:30 your fee will be $45
Thursday 8pm your fee will be $48
Boys will be $15 and will use their same pants from Christmas time.  If you were not here at Christmas time your fee will be $30.
Strictly tumbling classes you will use the same costume as Christmas time, if you need one of these they are $15.
Your $15 recital fee (to rent the location) is due in April. 
Please remember to send your kids to dance in the appropriate dance clothes and shoes with their hair pulled up.
Also only registered students are allowed in classes no siblings, friends or parents. 
Please pick up your students on time and talk to you them about staying inside to wait for their ride.  Tuition is due the first lesson of the month. 
Thank you for your referrals.  We are no longer accepting new students at this time.  If you have friends who want to get on our waiting list for next year they can email me but we are full for the remainder of this year.  WE will begin registration for next year in April. 
Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to teach your children.  We love teaching each of them!!  If you have questions or concerns please email me at tiffanydanceco06@gmail.com

 Tiffany Dance Co competition Students March 2017 Newsletter.
Hey just a few reminders…..
1.      Your fees are due in full today.  Please get them in asap!
2.      Costumes are coming in and will be sent home as they are paid for.  Just a heads up some of them will not be here until Monday so I promise they will get to you in time.  I stress enough for everyone so don’t worry about them.
3.      Practices are mandatory all of them… I keep getting people asking if their kid/kids can miss for multiple reasons and it is killing me!  It is really hard to clean dances, when we don’t have everyone there.  The extra practices are crucial and at this point there is no reason to send a replacement, I feel like I have caused a problem allowing for fill ins in the beginning of the year.. The reason that works at first is it takes us a long time to make formations and we are not working on choreography, at this point we are working on cleaning the routines the person who actually will be performing has to be the one actually practicing.  These extra practices count as an absence so please remember our absence policy… If you miss more than 3x from January thru May you will sit out a performance.  Dream team you only have 4 absences from September Thru May and Advanced girls you have 3 from September thru May.  NO exceptions.  If you are absent the week before a competition you may be spaced out of that particular dance.  Use your absences wisely.  If you are at tryouts, sick,  school functions etc, this is what those 3 absences are for.     When parents ask me towards the end of the year why this dance wins and this one doesn’t I can almost always point back to how many absences are happening in those particular classes.  Those with very few win and those with a ton don’t.  Keep that in mind. 
4.      The girls need to come to class ready to dance in the right clothes with their foot undies or hip hop shoes and ready to work, not ready for social hour or snack time.  Please talk to them about this.  Please send them to the Providence Hall practices in all black.
5.      Pictures will be April 26th thru May 3rd.  I will get a schedule done and let you know when the team girls will be doing pictures They will come in groups and do al l their pictures on the same day (hopefully).  They will be Either Mon, Thurs, Fri or Saturday.

Sorry this sounds so grumpy but we are at crunch time where I have a lot of stress with costumes and making sure all dances are ready to compete and I need 100% from everyone!  Thank you I do love teaching all of your children so much and look forward to showing all that they have been working on. 
If you have questions or concerns please email me at tiffanydanceco06@gmail.com

Friday, January 6, 2017

Tiffany Dance Co January 2017 Newsletter
Welcome back to dance I hope you all had a very merry Christmas and a nice Holliday break.  Thank you so much for all the gifts given to each of us teachers and student teacher we appreciate your thoughtfulness so much.  Thank you so much for your patience at the recital as well, it was a very snowy night and I know it took extra effort to get there.  Thank you also for your help with the sub for Santa, I appreciate your help so much and feel so lucky to have the opportunity to pass out the gifts to the kids in Mexico and couldn’t do it without the help of all of you!  Just a few things this month….
1.      We do not have any days off… I know there are a few school holidays and Martin Luther King day etc, but we will hold all classes this month and actually until spring break in April we will hold all classes regardless of days off for school. 
2.      Please make sure to pick up your children on time and have them wait inside… until you are there.  I don’t like them out in the dark by themselves J
3.      Remember tuition is due the first lesson of the month, and please send your kids to dance in dance clothes.  Never street clothes or pajama’s and with their hair pulled up. 
4.      We are collecting quite the lost and found if you would like to check for any missing items please do so every few months I send the stuff to the D.I.
Competition students just a few reminders… If you are in the production you have a few mandatory practices coming up…. The one this Saturday is very important as we will space the rest of the finale, please please have a stand in if you cannot make it!  Otherwise there will not be a spot in that part of the dance for you.  Here is the schedule for that…. 1/7 9 am to 12pm, 1/21 2pm to 5pm, 2/4 9am to 12pm, 2/18 2pm to 5pm (mini team in production will come to this practice on the 18th from 2 to 3:30pm) 3/4 9am to 12pm All competition students will need to come to this practice as we will space out all routines.  Mini team only if you are in production do you come on March 4th.  Just to clarify mini team in production comes only to the last two practices EVERYONE else in production comes to all practices and those competition students not in production come on March 4th only.

Mini team in production here is a reminder of the schedule for their Friday night practices.  January 13th and 27th 5:30 to 6:15, February 10th and 24th 5:30 to 6:15.  There was a practice scheduled for March 10th but we will need to move that to March 3rd because of the competition on the 11th.    I am finalizing all costumes this weekend so bills will be coming home in the next week.  You will have to have all fees paid in full before March 3rd.  Costumes will not go home until they are paid for J You can pay in installments one this month one in February and the last one in March, or all at once… whatever is best for you.  Please please watch your absences!!  Remember if you have too many you sit out a performance.  If you are in advanced or dream team this counts for tumbling and ballet as well.  I would double check if I were you and see if you need to make up any of those classes!!  It is crunch time and we need every girl in every class!!  Thank you for allowing us to teach your children we love each of them!  If you have questions or concerns please email me at tiffanydanceco06@gmail.com.  

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Hey Everyone, this site has been updated!!  All the info for the 2016/17 year has been updated... sorry for the delay The best way to register is to email Tiffany at tiffanydanceco06@gmail.com Thank you. 

I hope everyone is having a great summer Team girls don't forget to get your summer hours in.... Advanced girls need 40 (10 in ballet 10 in tumbling and 20 other)
Intermediate teen 2 need 30 10 in ballet
Intermediate1/beginners need 15 hours

Jr teams...
Dream team needs 30 hours 10 in ballet 5 in tumbling
Advanced needs 20 hours
Intermediate (both) need 15
Beginning has no required hours but they are always helpful to keep up on our technique. 

Good luck to the girls traveling to Chicago for camp Kate this next week!! Have fun and work hard and bring back lots of fun stuff to teach the rest of us!!!